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. the big prize is ohio. mitt romney outspent opponents by three to one. and there is a close race. >> other states include tennessee, rick santorum is the projected winner. a second win in oklahoma where the latest numbers show him getting 34% of the vote. in georgia newt gingrich is the declared winner, romney is a projected winner in massachusetts, virginia and vermont. >> three states are holding caucuses tonight in north dakota, santorum leading with 52% of the vote. romney just is a% there. and in idaho no numbers have been released yet. in alaska caucuses don't end until midnight this evening. >> here is rick santorum. let's listen in. >> it's a signature piece of legislation that points this out. u.s. economic rights create bid the governor and to force to you buy insurance. to force to you take policies that you don't want. and this to force you to take coverages that may violate your conviction. >> that is rick santorum speaking live in ohio. he's ahead by a slim margin now over mitt rom nee. you can follow results tonight by going to abc 7 >> and there is three of the fo
.s. supreme court tackles health care reform. we're live for a mitt romney fund-raiser. >> and there is a why the bay bridge gets the blame for costing american jobs. >>, you, too can be a hollywood film maker. a movie shot entirely with a >> u.s. supreme court held the first of three hearings on health care reform, experts argued inside and demonstrators shouted at each other outside. mitt romney is one of the leading voices that are calling for repeel. we're z.soup porters paying up to a thousand dollars each to see romney. >> there is is outside of the hotel awhere a couple dozen protestors are across the street. they've been blocking the driveway entrance to the hotel but the redwood police have been showing great restraint and we'd like to tell you about the fund-raiser tonight. mitt romney here to collect $2500 per person now. people are bundling 2500 per person, i should say have been asked to bundle 25 thu. it is being hoftd by meg whitman. and and they are talking about today was health care. >> promising to repeal and replace the affordable health care act. >> they said would it cos
this helps mitt romney win in california. rick santorum says it's time for conservatives to pull together. >> time is now to make sure that we have the best chance to win. >> many see chances getting better. >> it's now clear that the conservative candidate is turning out to be rick santorum. >> david miller believes splitting vote is working to romney's advantage. >> if gingrich were to drop out in illinois it would help santorum. i think it would have helped in ohio and michigan. >> abc 7's political analyst says having gingrich in the race will more likely help santorum. especially if he appeals to social conservatives in rural areas in the country. >> it doesn't make either one of them closer to being a nominee. but it has a better shot at keeping mitt romney from getting 1144. >> first to win 1144 wins the nomination. republican ad man. >> he's a good narrative to talk about gingrich and santorum. romney piled up more delegates last night. >> that is true. and romney pointed out that the math is on his side. >> this not what he wants to do. he wants to talk about obama, jobs. >> this
the bay area. >> on the eve of the biggest day of the republican race, mitt romney and rick santorum are battling one another. mark matthews joins us with that battle and how it's shaping up for california. >> we've been reporting for weeks and this time, californians will likely have a say in the republican primary because the party decide that had delegates should ab warded proportionally. no matter who wins, touchdowns will split delegates n states where the vote is close, the delegates will be split. >> what do you think? >> fwheer a great campaign. >> of the voting, ohio is the biggest. and has been outstanding santorum. >> would you have voted? rick santorum voted yes. >> he said the fact he's close is that romney dmot seal the deal. >> conservatives are fed up with picking our candidate. >> when it winds down in june, will republicans will be pushing the same messages? >> i think it's unlikely that anyone but mitt romney is going to must have money to spend in california. >> the bay area and los angeles are one of the extensive media markets in the country. >> i would see him
sincerely apologize to miss fluke for insulting news choices. >> this just in mitt romney won the washington state caucuses. in second, rick santorum and ron paul are in a battle. paul spoke earlier today in seattle about the economy. >> above all, you have to have a sound currency. this is why i believe we should follow the constitution, have only gold and silver and legal tender, not have a federal reserve system and not depend on paper money. >> former snore rick santorum is concentrating on ohio and its delegates in next week's supertuesday. we he poke interested the declaration of independence. >> it's a document that until the last few years was beginning to seem more and more like a dead letter but in part thanks to the tea party, that document is alive and well here at this debate and in this country. >> going to give the veterans the care they deserve. >> mitt romney is in ohio and is addressing the economy and refusing to talk about his opponents. >> tweets are not for sale. twitters are going to let companies mine billions of entries for marketing data. they -- other companies who
: gingrich was talking about mitt romney. romney won the wyoming caucus today and is investing heavily in both alabama and mississippi. >>> a bay area institution, held a really today to try to stay alive. [chanting] >> alan: the bowling alley is getting the heave-ho from the landlord and the lanes are expected to go dark despite public support. >> a petition with 10,000 names on it. and we gathered those within a couple of weeks. >> alan: the bowl management is looking for another place to set up shop. >>> coming up, an injured sea lion rescued after weeks of trying to track him down. >>> plus, drink up. a little wipe every day could help you live longer. >>> the best city in the nation to retire in. why one is right near the bay area. >> leigh: hi there i hope you had a nice saturday. a little cooler today. those in the north bay, maybe a few sprinkles. folks, get ready for really big weather changes in the next seven days. the rain ones. we'll tell >> alan: jay see due guard was back in the news. she was honored by oprah winfrey. she spent 18 years in captivity. she was discovered i
in alabama with 34.2% of the vote. and newt gingrich is second, and mitt romney running third with 28.4%. >> and in mississippi again it's santorum, gingrich and romney, in that order. and there could be a big night for santorum but a possible death blow for gingrich. >> early reports indicate the turn out in mississippi and alabama have been low, thunderstorms sweeping across that part of the country now. >> it isn't just the weather keeping voter as way. as it turns out. mark matthews is here with more on that. >> yes. low numbers in both states looks like a very low turn out tonight in alabama and mississippi. we've talked about the impact of the advertising driving down enthusiasm tonight there are numbers in. as of end of january telling a similar story. as mitt romney and newt gingrich battle it out, the spending numbers are showing the total raised throughout the end of january is $146 million including money from super pac. but take a look at what g.o.p. candidates raised four years ago. there is $310 million it may indicate a lack of enthusiasm in the base for candidates that
and insurance costs are covered by zip car and get around. >> $450. >> and a top aide to mitt romney gave his rival plenty of ammunition today kmairing his positions to playing with a classic toy. >> well i think you hit a reset button for fall campaign like an etch a sketch, you can shake it up and we start over again. >> romney's republican opponents seized the moment, one even brought an etch a sketch as a prop. >> i think having an etch a sketch as a campaign model raises every doubt about where we're going. >> that should be comforting to all of you. whoever you're going to be voting for is going to be a new candidate. >> romney picked up the endorsement of job bush. the makers of etch a sketch saying waits happy to see it's toy drawing attention and shaking up the national debates. >> and there is no secret apple ipads are made in china. what may be surprising is that an accessory is being made here, at home. it's part of a growing movement a company is promoting with a $1 million rise. this ancient looking machine is putting final touches on a cutting edge product. a case for ipad. >>
of history. what really happened to amelia earhart? stay with us. >>> another big mission for mitt romney tonight. projecting him the winner of the republican presidential primary in illinois. you can see romney is way out in front, 51% of the votes to rick santorum's 31%. exit polls show voters say the economy is a top issue prefer rom nee. romney is live in a suburb of chicago, let's listen in. >> the pursuit of success by all of us will unite us. when a government understands, i see a time we'll have a government understands it's better for more people to pay less than taxes than for you to pay more. >> and abc news projecting him the winner of the republican presidential primary in illinois with 51% of the vote. >> u.s. commerce department imposed new import fees on solar panels made in china where the government has been improperly subsidizing manufacturers. the solar companies in this country it's a step in the right direction. there is one company that stuck out it's neck to file a complaint claiming unfair chinese competition forced it to close a plant and layoff workers. >> for e
romney sure to have the obama campaign smiling. >> future of air travel. the efforts to help get you to your destination faster, as well as safer. stay with us. news at 4:00 continues. >>> tonight an update on a story i team brought you last month about jeep owners experiencing violent shaking at high speeds. >> it's been called death wobble. dan noyes has gotten attention of congress over this. >> and it's a story you'll see only on 7. and jeep yonors have two members of congress on their sichld including a bay area lawmaker. >> you won't expect this to happen on the pae highway but these videos show it does to jeep owners. they call it death wobble. >> it feels like the front end of the vehicle is going shake apart. >> the i team told you about two jeep owners who say it's happening so often they started documenting their wobbles. i experienced it on my own jeep, so has my producer, the vehicle hits a bump, wheels share, steering vibrates, only stop whgt vehicle slows down or stops. this has gotten attention of the ranking member of the energy and commerce committee and in a joint
of next tuesday's primary. mitt romney was in puerto rico pakistan. the island holds its primary tomorrow. the lead over santorum snowfall, the only candidate to visit missouri, the show-me state is holding a nonbinding caucus right now. the missouri delegates wind be selected until june. >> on st. patrick's day everybody is irish, especially in san francisco. >> woo-hoo. >> for the 161st time the city held the st. patrick's day parade. the cold weather and threat of rain kept the fans low. >>> in i-land, the city of dublin was awash with green and lots of fun. st. patrick is the patron saint of hireland where today is a holiday. it is the most widely celebrated saints day in the world in dublin, an estimated half million people gathered to watch the annual parade. >>> he has done it again. made me home town proud. joey chess nuss -- chestnut had another eating win, this time the corn beefed eating championship in palm beach gardens, florida, his third straight victory and he popped his own record. he ate 20 half-pound corned beach sandwiches in ten minutes. last year, he only ate a measl
to be a close call. >> and if it does break, he says mitt romney won't be able to capitalize on it. he, himself is compromised on the issue. there is evidence that most americans have already decided how they feel about the law one way or another. a poll from november, 2009, 48% supported law, 49% opposed it. and they figured rolling out features would gather more support but it shows more are opposed and the country is divided. >> yes, it will come up. and in owe adds. i don't think this will determine the outcome of the election. >> and he added that this is not a good indicator of how justices will decide. >> very interesting. >> and mother of a teenager killed by a nabbed volunteer spent the anniversary of the death on capitol hill, trayvon's martin mother spoke to members of congress about the issue of racial profiling. >> trayvon was our sorngs but trayvon is your son. people can relate to our situation. and this breaks their heart. >> his parents sat before the committee and bay area congress woman barbara lee says she can identify with the family. >> this is a toxic, and deadly mix of t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12